meHi, my name is Bobbi-lee and this is my creative corner on the web, tomandjasmine.

I am 21 years old (or should that be young?), and I have been with my wonderful fiancé for 6 years on July 25. We have a gorgeous son named Sebastian who graced the world on the 16th August 2008. He was due on the 08/08/08 making him a triple 8 baby, but decided to come 8 days late, and he weighed 8 pounds 8 oz.

paper jewelleryI am an illustrator and graphic designer and I run my own home business Blee Designs. I love working in digital mediums and photography using my creative skills in every way possible, but my true passion is working in traditional mediums such as paper, beads and paints.

I have always been crafty and artistic, creating from a very young age whether it be with paint, clay, material or paper. I first learnt to sew on a sewing machine when I was around 7 years old but I was sewing with a needle and thread long before that. I have my mother to thank for my skills in sewing, painting and drawing, my Oma to thank for her passion in creating dolls, teddy bears and decoupage which got me hooked on crafting, and Brownies (Girl Guides) as a kid for all the fun stuff I learnt like knitting(but I forgot how to), sculpture and making flower arrangements. I love working with paper and embellishments doing scrap booking, paper crafts, wall art and even paper jewellery.

I opened this blog as a creative outlet for me, so I can share my creative endeavours and hopefully teach you something new along the way with my crafty tutorials. I named this blog after my two much loved cats Tom and Jasmine, both who have provided me with much inspiration. I got Jasmine when she was around 4 months old, and since then she has grown into a fat fluffy lovable darling. My fiancé found Tom in a skip bin after he was abandoned by his mother. He was not even a few days old-he still had his umbilical cord attached. I hand raised him, bottle fed him every 3 hours day and night and as a result he truly thinks I am his mother and that he is human in some form or other. He is now just past 1 and a half years old and growing bigger every day. my cat Tom

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I have in writing and creating for it. I plan to share stories of my day-to-day life, tutorials and craft tips, and much more.


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