My craft space


I know I said I would post pictures the next day of my new craft space, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I really don’t even have an excuse-the baby still hasn’t arrived. I am 3 days overdue now and so sick of waiting. I have tried every old wives tale known to help induce labour but with no results. He will come when he’s ready!

Anyway this is my little corner of the house, my crafting/designing space. I cannot wait until the day I have my own art and craft room, but for now this will do.

The drawers, spice jars and jewellery tree are from Ikea. I just love that store.

I love my little pin cushion jar that I made from a tiny jam jar.

Since taking these photos 5 days ago, the space has grown somewhat and to the left of the sewing machine I have added some more storage for all my material, wools and scrapbooking supplies. I have been reluctant to use my camera for anything though as it is empty and fully charged packed away in my hospital bag ready for the bub. I am so paranoid of getting no pictures of his arrival that I have been checking the batteries once a week and recharging them just in case (as well as a spare pair).


5 Responses to “My craft space”

  1. I wish I had a craft space, I have a cluttered box and I dig whatever I need out to use at the kitchen table. that pin cushion jar is cute šŸ™‚
    I hope you have your baby soon, being overdue is no fun

  2. You have a great craft space! You have a very nice blog. Congratulations on getting ready to have a baby- I hope he comes soon!

    Sarah G.

  3. I love your craft space! I live in a condo and there’s no way to create one with all the stuff we ahve – but if I ever get a chance I’d love to incorporate some of your ideas.

  4. I love your site and this is great. I am wondering how you got on google. I am working on my own site to sell some craft space design products. I would love to have your site on my and to have a link from yours to my site.

  5. The top quality info on around

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