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I finally bought my dream camera, a Nikon D60, and have been playing with it ever since. I did a little photoshoot with Sebastian, Carl and myself and I love the results. Advertisements

I can’t believe my baby is one month old already, it seems like only yesterday he was born and only last week I was still pregnant and complaining about him being overdue. But now that he is here I can’t imagine my life without him, he is my whole world. I love getting to know […]

I just love staring at my cute little boy, his plump little lips are my favourite.

Sebastian Anthony Jon finally decided to enter the world, 8 days late, on the 16th August at 23:23pm. He weighed 8lbs8′ and 51 cms long. The labour was very long (20 hours) and stressful but the end result is totally worth it. I fall more in love with him as every day passes, and I […]

I found a great bargain last week of 10 patterned fat quarters for the price of 5. I grabbed a bunch of cute baby ones, a few classic black and white ones, some Disney ones and this, the most gorgeous puppy dog pattern. I love the cute little doggies and the first thing I thought […]

Since I haven’t had much time to craft I thought I would post some of my creations I have made over the last few months. I made this little baby jacket out of some sheep fleece material. I originally bought the material when I first found out I was pregnant to make a baby blanket. […]

I have been so busy lately I haven’t had time to do any craft, let alone sit down and blog about it, and the baby isn’t even here yet. I envy those crafty blogger mums, the ones with 1-4 kids under the age of 6 yet they still manage to blog every other day and […]

My favourite animal in the world is the elephant and I especially love funky elephant shapes and patterns appearing in all my craft work. Whilst on etsy the other night I found myself searching endlessly for elephant inspiration and there is definitely a lot of it out there. Here are just some of my favourites. […]