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I just love staring at my cute little boy, his plump little lips are my favourite. Advertisements

I’m amazed how clear this picture turned out since I was literally shaking the whole time trying to get the photo. Despite the fact that I am allergic to bee’s, I was determined to get a nice shot of one. He kept buzzing from flower to flower and everytime I pushed the lens into his […]

Not a glamourus photo in the least, but my stubborn cats didn’t care about the camera I had shoved in their faces. Meet Tom (black and white) and Jasmine (grey), whom this blog is named after. I tried for a good half hour to get a photo of them but they wouldn’t have a bar […]

I have decided to add a new category where every Friday I post a photo I take that day. This photo is of a tiny little jewellery box I received from my Aunty for my 21st birthday. There’s actually nothing in it (I like to keep all my jewellery out on display) but this sits […]