The 5 dollar bargain!


I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days, but time just gets away from me so fast. Three more days until my baby is due. I was beginning to think he may be unfashionably late and make me wait another few weeks (as my Doctor has said will probably happen because it is my first pregnancy) but my braxton hicks have been getting stronger and more frequent I know he is coming soon. Well at least I hope so, I am so over being pregnant right now and can’t wait to hold my son!

Last weekend I found this cool revolving spice rack in an Op Shop for only $5.00 and decided to fancy it up for my beads and buttons.

It had ugly sticker labels on it so I washed them and peeled them off, then I cut strips of pretty scrapbook paper for the lids.

I covered the lids in the pretty paper, then I attempted to cover the actual stand. I am planning to later spray paint it white, but for now it has some paper on it disguising the flaws.

The fun part was sorting through my button collection into colours. I love the end result.

Since I don’t have a craft room of my own (I did, but long-story-short; the ceiling collapsed and I now craft at the dining table) all my craft stuff has been swamping the table in a huge mess. I went to Ikea yesterday and bought some little wooden drawers and glass jars and attempted to make some sense of my mess and make a cute enough space to craft at. I will blog about that tomorrow when I finish arranging and organising everything, that is if I don’t go into labour by then.


4 Responses to “The 5 dollar bargain!”

  1. I love the spice rack! super cute idea!

  2. Great idea. Just brought a whole bunch of buttons home from my grandmother’s house and wasn’t quite sure how to store them. So, has the baby arrived yet?

  3. 3 tomandjasmine

    Nope he still hasn’t arrived!

  4. What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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