Since I haven’t had much time to craft I thought I would post some of my creations I have made over the last few months. I made this little baby jacket out of some sheep fleece material. I originally bought the material when I first found out I was pregnant to make a baby blanket. I chose yellow because I didn’t know what I was having, and because yellow is my favourite colour-and who could resist those cute sheep.

Only I found out once I got home the lady had cut the material to the wrong size. I suppose it is my fault for not watching her cut it, but I was distracted by my 9 year old sister running around the shop. So for a few months I wondered what I could possibly make from the material. I thought about making a smaller baby blanket but it seemed a waste as the baby would grow out of it too quick.

Once day, being bored and not having anything to do I decided to make a baby suit. Only I didn’t know what size to make for a baby, or how big my baby would be. So I turned it into a jacket hoping it is the right size. I even made a matching sheep toy. I didn’t use a pattern at all though I did measure the arms against a small baby jumpsuit I had. Here’s to hoping it will fit him.


I’m amazed how clear this picture turned out since I was literally shaking the whole time trying to get the photo. Despite the fact that I am allergic to bee’s, I was determined to get a nice shot of one. He kept buzzing from flower to flower and everytime I pushed the lens into his face he would move yet again. Every time he moved to a flower closer to me I would drop the camera (thank goodness for camera cords) and stumble back.

I have been so busy lately I haven’t had time to do any craft, let alone sit down and blog about it, and the baby isn’t even here yet. I envy those crafty blogger mums, the ones with 1-4 kids under the age of 6 yet they still manage to blog every other day and do craft.

I’m not telling the whole truth though, as I did have time to do a little craft, only it has taken me so long to take a picture of it and blog it.

I went to Spotlight and bought some felt, wool and stuffing. I sewed together this gorgeous little elephant which was inspired by this pretty pink elephant. I chose a baby blue and white polka dot felt and a plain white felt with baby blue wool. My elephant didn’t turn out as good as the one I was inspired by-but that is because I didn’t cut a pattern or look at the computer screen, I just cut the felt pieces from memory hoping I would get it right. I ended up making the under piece too big so my elephants legs sit lower and almost parallel to the ground, but I still think he is adorable.

I hand sewed him too, the last time I hand sewed was years ago-I am so used to having a sewing machine. The hand stitching was a little messy though so I went over the cotton thread stitches with a cute wool stitch which I think adds that extra something.

Because I am making this for my son on the way I thought I should make it a rattle. I improvised and used the center egg from a Kinder Surprise and filled it with a few buttons and sealed it shut. I stuffed it in with the stuffing and now the elephant is a perfect baby rattle toy. I can just imagine my baby chewing its legs or trunk off like babies do.

This tutorial has been featured on, to view it please go here.

I made this little story booklet for my sisters 20th birthday which was last week and thought I should make a tutorial at the same time. This little booklet is a great gift idea for the young and old, or it can just be a little book of your illustrations or poetry. Have fun!

Not a glamourus photo in the least, but my stubborn cats didn’t care about the camera I had shoved in their faces. Meet Tom (black and white) and Jasmine (grey), whom this blog is named after. I tried for a good half hour to get a photo of them but they wouldn’t have a bar of it. Jasmine would sit and look at the camera as if she were some queen but as soon as I went to click the button she would start licking herself. Tom was worse, he wouldn’t look at the camera at all no matter how much prodding.

This photo makers me laugh as it is so typical of them, they hardly want to know each other all day but when it comes to grooming, they do it together. Sometimes Tom will even let Jasmine groom behind his ears!

Wow I am so excited that not even days after I offered my digital papers for free they were downloaded, printed and used in such a cool unique way. Thanks so much to Simone who used my free printable scrapbook papers in her wineglass charm tutorial. She is also giving away a set of four gorgeous wineglass charms made from my paper! So go check it out and maybe you could win.

I have plans to offer a lot of free digital paper downloads and maybe some digital embellishment downloads and more on my blog. Here is the first paper set I made where you can download here (5 mb). The papers are made for 12×12 inches and 300 dpi so you can download and print off to use in your scrapbooking and card making. I’d love to see what you creatives come up with!

Edit: I added another paper download pack which can be found on my freebies page.

I have decided to add a new category where every Friday I post a photo I take that day.

This photo is of a tiny little jewellery box I received from my Aunty for my 21st birthday. There’s actually nothing in it (I like to keep all my jewellery out on display) but this sits proudly next to all my jewellery showing off it’s every sparkle. I love the little dragonflies and butterflies encrusted around it and the gorgeous gemstone detail. It truly is a beautiful box and I love it.

My favourite animal in the world is the elephant and I especially love funky elephant shapes and patterns appearing in all my craft work. Whilst on etsy the other night I found myself searching endlessly for elephant inspiration and there is definitely a lot of it out there. Here are just some of my favourites.

I love the material’s pattern and colours used in this gorgeous onesie from PregnancyJournals and the pretty ruffle legs makes it extra special. Too bad I am having a boy otherwise I would buy this one in a snap. They also have this cute blue elephant onesie suitable for boys but it isn’t quite as cute as this pink one.

This gorgeous elephant pouch tugs at my heart strings. It is so cute and the little elephants are adorable, and the fact it is one of my favourite colours wins me over. KungFuCowgirl even sells some cute elephant earring studs that will match this pouch perfectly.

This unique collage print by artandphilanthropy is so funky and cute. I love the colours and different patterns that seem to clash yet mesh together perfectly. Be sure to check out their store as there are so many other gorgeous prints that everyone will love.

And last but definitely not least is this gorgeous diaper bag by francisnewcombe that I have fallen in love with. I love the little bunny that comes with it too. I really must stop looking at girly stuff, I am sure my baby boy will be so embarrassed if I carried this around as his nappy bag. But I can dream.

Now I’m off to etsy to search for some items and inspiration of my second favourite animal: kitty cats!

I had almost completely forgot I had made these little purses. It wasn’t until I found the left over material I remembered. I made them around 2 years ago one afternoon out of complete boredom but I never used them once.

I love the candy apple pattern, it’s so pretty and summery and I have about 1 metre of each of the pretty materials left.

After searching for some inspiration and patterns online I came across this gorgeous tote that I really love and the bonus was it came with a tutorial, so I measured all my left over material and I have just enough to make this pretty tote. I’ll let you know how it turns out.