Baby Sheep Jacket


Since I haven’t had much time to craft I thought I would post some of my creations I have made over the last few months. I made this little baby jacket out of some sheep fleece material. I originally bought the material when I first found out I was pregnant to make a baby blanket. I chose yellow because I didn’t know what I was having, and because yellow is my favourite colour-and who could resist those cute sheep.

Only I found out once I got home the lady had cut the material to the wrong size. I suppose it is my fault for not watching her cut it, but I was distracted by my 9 year old sister running around the shop. So for a few months I wondered what I could possibly make from the material. I thought about making a smaller baby blanket but it seemed a waste as the baby would grow out of it too quick.

Once day, being bored and not having anything to do I decided to make a baby suit. Only I didn’t know what size to make for a baby, or how big my baby would be. So I turned it into a jacket hoping it is the right size. I even made a matching sheep toy. I didn’t use a pattern at all though I did measure the arms against a small baby jumpsuit I had. Here’s to hoping it will fit him.


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